For questions concerning Leader Dogs for the Blind please go to the Indiana Projects page and refer to the Trustees for LDFB. Information about LD Puppy Raising please contact PCC Jeff Schafer, 812.325.3130 or

We picked up FLD Verne from Leader Dogs for the Blind on January 21, 2019 after dropping off FLD Ellie. Verne is a yellow male lab and our 7th LD puppy that we have raised. He was born on June 2, 2018 and was our second "finishing" puppy. FLD Ellie was our first and she is still in training at LDFB. Our expected return date for Verne is May 29.

An update on FLD Chelsy: She has been selected as a Leader Dog Mom, just like her mommy, LDM Bella. LDM Bella was retired in April 2019.

Last update: May 5, 2019.

LD Puppies Raised

LD Shadow: Black male Labrador (2013) working in Georgia.
CC Molly: Black female Labrador (2014). Molly has been certified as a Therapy Dog through Alliance of Therapy Dogs and living with us.
LD Mom Bella: Yellow female Labrador (2015). Bella is currently living in Michigan.
LD Thor: Yellow male Labrador (2016) working in Tacoma, Washington. Thor was trained as a service dog for both blind/deaf client.
LD Mom Chelsy: Yellow female Labrador (puppy from LDM Bella in 2017). Chelsy was selected into the LD Breeding Stock Program. Returned July 2018.
FLD Ellie: Black female Labrador (puppy from outside breeders). Ellie was our first "finishing" puppy. FLD Ellie is still in training at LDFB.
FLD Verne: Yellow male Labrador and he was 7.5 months old. He was our second "finishing" puppy and will be returned in May 2019.

FLD Verne Videos

Traffic Video with Traffic

Traffic Video against Traffic

Traffic Light Downtown Bloomington

Traffic LIght Westside Bloomington

Stairs Up/Down

Stairs Up/Down/Up

Extended Sit-Stay Home Driveway

Cat Distraction Standing-Pulling

Cat Distraction Walking-No Response

Cat Distraction Walking-Sit

Cat Distraction Walking-Sit-Down

Cat Distraction Sit-Down-Stand-Around