Welcome to Lions District 25E

Welcome to a new year of Lionism. It has been very interesting so far. Adapt is the plan for this year. Adapt to meetings being online in Zoom or other applications. Adapt to serve your communities. We picked up trash for our town and still maintained our distance. Adapt on fundraisers. Your budgets have to be realistic to what you can afford. We are not the government and can not run deficits. Adapt on membership. We need to still ask people to join us. They will join us, if we are trying to serve where others do not. That leads me into our first District meeting, on 25 July at 1pm at the Stinesville Lions Club.

North America Membership Initiative (NAMI) is a plan by Lions Club International (LCI) to gain members, gain clubs, and to retain those members that we have. District 25E opted into the program. It is a bottom up run program with resources from LCI to support our efforts. We are organizing our NAMI team and need your help.

We need a representative from as many clubs as possible at the District Meeting on 25 July in Stinesville. Please send a representative. We need your input in what you think we should be doing to start new clubs and build stronger clubs. How can we get new members and what are you doing to retain the ones you have? Join us by RSVPing your attendance to our Cabinet Secretary PCC Keith Thomas. We hope to see you there.

Adapt and Tanks for Serving.
DG Kenny

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