Below are the Trustees for the 2017-2018 State and District Projects and the Indiana Lions Foundation.
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Indiana Lions Cancer Control

Chairperson Lion Deborah Ellis (Dugger), 812-798-2096
PDG Mark Clark (Salem), 812-883-4693
PDG Bill Willis (French Lick/West Baden), 812-936-9450
Patient Advocate: Lion Dottie Flack

VisionFirst Indiana Lions Eye Bank

Chairperson PCC Keith Thomas (Petersburg), 812-354-6725
Chairperson PDG Bob Kamman (Seymour), 812-522-2914
Lion Dr. David Hyndman (Boonville), 812-897-1161

Indiana Lions Speech & Hearing

Chairperson PDG Eric Ahlbrand (Evansville Eastside), 765-401-0131
Chairperson Lion Donna Robinson (New Albany), 812-945-1201
Lion Monica Clemons (Bloomington), 812-558-0245

Indiana Lions for Leader Dog, Inc.

Chairperson PCC Jeff Schafer (Bloomfield), 812-325-3130
Lion Dustin Williams (Bedford), 812-340-8757
Lion Don Allen (Bedford), 812-277-8914

Indiana School for the Blind & Visually Impaired

Chairperson Lion Sam Hopper (Georgetown), 812-951-2185
Lion Jeff Cooper (New Albany), 502-643-7805
PDG Ron Edwards (Bedford), 812-275-3139

District Special Projects

Chairperson Lion Sue Leffler (Oakland City), 812-677-0728

PCC Keith Thomas (Petersburg), 812-354-4637
Lion Laura Davis (Ramsey), 502-550-5008
Special Projects Grant Application

Indiana Lions Foundation & Holding Corp.

Chairperson PDG Dr. Herb Stevens (Paoli/Meridian), 812-723-2130

Lion Sandy Ruane (Seymour Noon), 812-522-1395
Lion Erica Thomas (Petersburg), 812-766-0159
ILF Grant Application